We had only been dating for about three weeks when he attempted to break up  the first time. I should have taken that as a sign of what to expect.  But we convinced eachother  and stayed together. Summer was great times no red flags, no signals things weren’t okay. I worked 2 jobs at the time so most times spent together were the weekends and the random off days.

By Fall 2012 he had news that he was promoted to an out of state position. Although we had only been dating a few months we were excited. I was only worried because we would be moving two states away from everything I had ever known and everyone.  As scary as it sounded I wanted nothing more  for the adventure to begin and packed my belongings. I quit my jobs and I said goodbye to my family and friends with promises of regular visits.

I had no reason to feel uneasy until about 6 months later when we had our first real argument. That’s when I thought back to the first break up and those first signs.