Another lesson learned this week from the ongoing saga called divorce…be sure to check your divorce decree for errors.  During our divorce hearing, my lawyer told the judge he would draft the decree.  Once I received the decree a few days later, I ensured I checked it for accuracy and thankfully I did because it contained a few errors.  Once again, my lawyer, failed to provide the service I paid for.  To me it look liked it was simple copy and paste job from a previous divorce case they had and the only thing they applied was a name change and changed few certain aspects of the hearings.

In some spots in the decree, I swear my attorney was trying to screw me in providing more “benefits” to my ex than what was ruled upon.  One such area was taxes. Considering it’s still fairly early May, the decree stated that I would split refunds or payments regarding our 2016 tax return and we would have to file jointly.  I had to explain to my lawyer…again…that our taxes had already been filed separately and the situation concerning taxes was not brought up in court.  Not to mention it was May and taxes had to be filed a half month ago.  Any changes at this point would incur cost to me and who was going to pay for it.

Another area that missed the mark was the division of debt.  This was the biggest area in my eyes besides the care of my children.  Considering how she is trying to run from this marriage with a clean slate, I was not about to allow her to spend the next 20 years trying to pay off a debt held under my name that she was responsible for.  The verbiage initially read that she would only be responsible for making a $50 payment a month until the debt was paid off.  This was to include the two credit cards she opened under my name without my consent.  I had to get it changed to what was on the court transcript, to read “she will be responsible to pay $50 a month on the two credit cards common to the marriage, and she would will take full ownership of the debt she opened using my name.”  Hell, both of those cards she opened using my name carries a 19.99% interest rate and I’m not going to be responsible for that.

Last but not least…they manage to get my children’s name wrong on the decree.  Really?!?!  I mean it’s not that hard to see how it’s spelled on a piece of paper and transcribe it.  I know it petty in the grand scheme of things but after everything else I had to deal with regarding making things right regarding this process was just icing on the cake at this point.

I’m glad I caught most of these errors early on before the decree was signed by either of us and went final.  It saved me the time and money in the long run of re-hiring another lawyer to file a motion to petition the court for another hearing to make modifications to the decree.  Of course I would always have the court transcript to fall back on to help make the corrections, but knowing my ex, she would try to bring something up or be uncooperative in the process just to create a huge ass-pain for me.

After a few days of back and forth with my lawyer…all changes were made.

Bottom line…check and re-check everything!