Today was the day.  It’s all over with the exception of a few documents that need to be signed.  Court…well…it did not go as expected.  Apparently I hired an inept lawyer (things I will discuss in my next blog of “lessons learned”), my now “ex-wife” was not prepared, and of course the judge, who has never served in the Armed Forces, knows more about the military then I do since he lives next to an Army base.  I guess osmosis is a real thing.  Never have I been so disrespected by someone who “thinks” I should command their respect just because they were elected to hold a position of power.  I guess it’s easy when you run unopposed in a small ass city.

I met with my lawyer the day prior to discuss the details of our divorce and to establish a game plan based off any and all requests my ex would probably make.  To say the least, it seemed “our plan” was air tight.  Boy was I wrong.  Not only where we lectured about how we all showed up to court unprepared, my lawyer got a lecture on how he was going too “scorched earth” on my ex because she was representing herself.  No shit judge!!!!  Isn’t that the point of having an attorney?  Hell, that’s the reason I hired one….to fight my battle on my behalf so I didn’t sound uneducated.  Thanks for showing your sympathetic side to those who “can” afford a lawyer but choose not to.  I suppose next time I’ll show up in court with my ball cap backwards…baggy pants…I say “yea” and “naw” in order to win favor.

Before court even started, my lawyer asked my ex if she wanted to “settle” before court got started.  She said no of course because I’m sure she wanted the judge to make all the decisions for her.  Story of our marriage.  Have someone else do all the work while I sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  When we did get started and my lawyer started telling the judge my demands and expectations…we got the lecture I mentioned earlier and was basically told to figure it out on our own in 20 mins.

And guess what…she agreed to everything we could of “settled” before any of this started…even before I hired a lawyer.  For f*** sakes!!!  I spent all this money just to wait 14 months for 15 minutes of actual conversation in a court room to get what I wanted all the awhile.

Well it’s over.  I’m divorced.  The one person I cared for… “to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part”…died.

I tried talking with her after court but she seemed uninterested only requesting the timeframe on when the documents would be ready.  I can only assume she wants to remarry as soon as possible.  Really it was just to tell her that I did love her, for what it was worth, and to close the loop on everything else that really needed to be discussed in court.

I do wish her the best…but I’ll know I’ll be back here in Arizona, in front of this judge once again to argue another issue regarding her failure to follow the rules she agreed too.