It’s weird thinking this will be the final week of my marriage.  In four days I will be divorced…

It’s honestly something I told myself when I as younger I would never do.  I would never follow in the footsteps of my parents.  Unfortunately, however, it looks like I will become another statistic grouped in with the other’s that have marched this road before.  Ugh.  This sucks.  It honestly does.  I have so much disdain for my “soon to be” that I shouldn’t feel this way.  I suppose it’s the love of my two children that keeps me sane knowing they need us both in order to prosper in life.

I tell people all the time if it wasn’t for my children, my divorce would have been an open and closed case within a few days.  I just want what is right for them…my children.  They deserve it.  Whatever makes them happy.  I refuse to let them experience the same bullshit I had to when my parents divorced.  At least they are young enough not to really fully understand what’s going on.  They know that I love them.  They know I did nothing wrong.  I just hope they understand that one day.  I hope they understand that two people can, at one time, love each other enough to not love each other as time passes where they must separate and go their separate ways.

Next few days will be rough.  Not sure what’s in store for me.  Hopefully everything works out for the best!