21 days.  As each day grows closer to the end, I can’t help to think to think about if there was anything I could have done differently to keep my family together….probably not.

But I remind myself that this is her modus operandi in her life where she runs off just because she doesn’t get what she thought she was going to get.  It’s happened twice in her life and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  You would think the guy she’s dating currently would get the hint, but knowing what I know about him, he’s an idiot.  That fat, out of shape piece of crap is probably just happy getting pussy from where ever he can get.  Lord knows shallow people attract other shallow people…so they are probably a match made in heaven.  Not my problem anymore.  As long as my girls are being fed, clothed, and loved…I will be happy.

I usually don’t write my blogs and thoughts in one day as I started this one a few days ago but looking at the title of this blog, knowing it’s the title of a Boston song, and hearing the first lines of the song is actually what I do every day when I listen to music…slip away!  I’ve always liked gloomy days and depending what was playing on the radio, that song could always start your day in good or bad way.  It’s funny how music can stir emotions…good and bad.  Now Boston is before my time but it’s a band I’ve grown fond of over the past few years.  Sad to hear that former drummer Sib Hashian died today.  Looks like we are losing a lot musician greats from the past at an alarming rate.  I guess it’s true that time waits for no one.

I’m old enough now to really appreciate everything I have.  We never know when our time will end and I would hate to think I spent my final days on this Earth in some silly spat over nothing.  Cherish what you have and what you can do.  Divorces suck!  Some people suck!  However, there is always something or someone out there in the world that will make you happy or be your equal.  No use fretting over the small stuff.