Another day…another issue.  After my “soon-to-be” went radio silence (termed used by aircraft/pilots that lose radio communication) on me last night, the next time I heard from her was early this afternoon out of the blue asking if “You talking to the girls tonight or not?” to which I responded with “of course…what time?”  Her response…nothing.  So I assumed it would be at our usual time at 5pm in Arizona.  Even before it reached 5pm in Arizona, I started texting her to see what time she planned on getting on Skype so I could ensure I was available talk to them and also remind her that there was a two hour time difference.  Still no answer.  I’ve been working late the last couple nights I wanted to ensure I was home.  Nothing brings me more pleasure than having the opportunity to speak with my children even if we talk about nothing and all they do is show me pictures of their toys.

She finally responded to me after I texted her to see if she was getting my messages.  Her response… “I have been working and your daughter has been in school.  So there’s no need for an attitude I do have a life.  I’m not sitting around waiting for your messages to come through.”  The funny thing is that it is Spring break in Arizona, so therefore I know she is lying because the schools post their calendars online and I know if my children are in school or not.  She continued to give me shit basically telling me it’s none of business about my children’s schedule and what she does during the day, and how she knows so much about MY daily life (she’s been gone over a year and things change) she figured it wouldn’t be an issue.

Since it was getting later into the night and I was tired of the back and forth, I told her I would just speak to them tomorrow since it was too much of an inconvenience in her life to allow me to speak to them.  She told me she wasn’t able to accommodate and Sunday would work best.  Sunday?  Oh that’s right…Saturday is her Birthday and of course I’m sure she has something planned with her new boyfriend.  I told her that I was sorry that I was interfering in her life plans with her new boyfriend but she needed to make tomorrow work and she told me “not happening” because her boyfriend and her time is “so good.”  She then proceeded to mock me by telling me to call the cops since she was not letting me speak to my children and that I should just go and cry into my pillow and once again proceeded with radio silence.

Whatever.  I actually chuckled at her comments.  Does she really think making snide comments is really going to get anywhere?  Not in my book and probably not in the eyes of the court.