With just over a month to go before everything is said and final, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching that past few weeks to ensure I’m as clear minded as I can be going into this divorce hearing as possible.  I have found it to be very therapeutic as not to dwell on the past or even current issues as they just continue to fuel my anger and hatred for my soon to be ex.

I’ve found its best for me to give back to my community by doing as much volunteer work as I can possible.  I’ve always enjoyed giving back.  Some might ask why I even bother given I’m already sacrificing so much by just serving my country…to which I reply “because that’s what good people do.”

Through these various events, I can honestly say my marriage was nowhere near as troublesome as most of the arguments and conversations I overheard throughout the day.  It really makes me wonder why my wife is really divorcing me.  We never really had it as hard as those I’ve heard or at least I don’t think we did.  I won’t go into specifics, but there are couples out there that really need to step back and evaluate the things going on in their lives to see if it is really worth continuing on.  Much of what I heard was very petty…very petty.

I wish divorce or even split-ups on no one.  They suck!  So much time and effort wasted for nothing over stupid shit.  If in the event you have children…it makes it that much worse.  Like I’ve mentioned before in some of my posts…I love my wife; however, I can and will not forgive her for the things she has done since she has left.  She moved on too quickly after she left me.  That is that!  It is what it is.

So what now?  Since my lawyer and pretty much every lawyer out there in inept at doing their job, unless you have the cash to hire one that will actually do their job for you, I’ve decided to devote my time In providing a play-by-play guideline in which they can play off of when it comes time for the actual hearing.  It will probably be the most in-depth project I’ve ever accomplished…just short of my college thesis.  Hopefully it serves it purposes…if it does…I will gladly show it off to those who might find it useful.

From here on out…my time and focus is to my kids and having closure to this already long and drawn out divorce process.

I need closure soon…