Two days shy of the anniversary of her exodus from my life; I’ve finally made the decision to move on.  I spent the last couple days packing her and the kids’ items up.  It’s been really hard.  I had the smallest hope that the she and kids would return back into my life but unfortunately that is not the case.  I finally looked at myself in the mirror and said it’s over.  Stop trying!

It’s amazing all the emotions you go through finding and seeing pictures from the past.  Remembering all those memories you created with someone else you loved and how you would think they would last you a life time and could tell stories about.  Now they are just memories of a time long forgotten…or at least I think they are in her mind.  Even with all the reminiscing, it’s has been really hard shifting through years’ worth of belongings.  What stays?  What goes?  Do I really want to keep anything?  I get so easily distracted when I find pictures of my girls that I quickly replace old family pictures with them.  They are my babies.  They always will be.  They deserve better than this.  Regardless of what she has done to me, my kids will not face or be bothered by our constant bickering.

Box after box I’ve packed, I started to realize their where more issues going on with my wife than I originally thought.  It was crazy to see so many items purchased from stores left unused.  Boxes full of items.  For what?  In the end I guess it really doesn’t matter.

I just want it done and over with.  Time heals wounds and I need a fresh start….