As I mentioned before in previous post, money was usually the main cause for our arguments.  My wife would spend at will without regard to our future.  I don’t know, maybe she had the future in her mind somewhere in there but I doubt it included me or having anything nice to look forward to.

Anyways, the same old discussion of child support came up the other day, as it usually does when she is feeling the pinch, where she thinks I should be paying her child support even though the court hasn’t made a ruling and she still refuses to show any receipts on what she is actually spending the money I do give her.  I asked her nicely on how much she thought I should be giving her and she said “I don’t know…whatever the court decides.”   Ugh.  Well the court hasn’t decided yet…soooooooooo again, how much do you think I should give you?

Now….I love my kids very much.  I would hate for them to starve or miss out on something because their mother can’t manage her own money but shit….this is becoming ridiculous why she thinks I should continue funding her extracurricular activates if she can’t prove my money is in fact feeding and clothing my children.

I did some calculating tonight on how much money I’ve actually given her since she left me back in Feb ’16.  Remember…she took $10K the day she left.

Mar – $2075 (Terminated divorce proceedings)

Apr – $2175 (Promised to come back)

May – $2195 (Starting dating new boyfriend)

June – $1300 (She refiled for divorce)

July – $1700

Aug – $950

Sep – $850

Oct – $230 (I was away at school)

Nov – $650 (I was away at school)

Dec – $100 (kids with me)

Grand Total = $12,225

$22,225 since Feb ’16?!?!?!?!?  That’s about 35% of what I make in a year if not more.  She has been basically living for free because I still pay all the bills and she has a job.  So how does one spend that much money?  It’s not like she had to buy anything to get resettled.  She did this to me before 2 years ago, so all the stuff she bought before was readily available once she returned back to her parents’ house.  She has even sold off stuff I bought for her such as her wedding/engagement ring to have more money at her disposal.

So how does one contemplate giving someone more money when you get messages telling you that they are stretched thin and need help?  Should I help?  Honestly?  How in good conscience could I support someone who has repeatedly told me that I’m only good for money and that the only problem in their life is me?