Interesting night tonight.  So after pretty much spending the day yesterday fighting on how we would proceed with tax returns, I came to a conclusion that it would probably be beneficial for us both to file jointly in order to get the best return we could.  I sent her several text messages explaining how it could benefit us but they all went unanswered.  Oh well I suppose, I’ll just file what is correct and make the necessary changes later after the divorce.

When she finally did respond to my text messages, it wasn’t about that but taxes but how I couldn’t speak with my children at the normal time tonight because she had errands to run.  No big deal.  I had other things I needed to do as well.  When I did have a chance to talk to my kids, I got to speak with them for a whopping 4 minutes.  Oh geeze thanks!  Apparently they all had to eat dinner the same time they were supposed to talk with me.  I’m mean really…you couldn’t send me a text and say “hey, we need to eat first.  Can they call after?”  I sent her a message with my displeasure of only getting to speak with my children for a short amount of time when she immediately put me on blast and called me an ass.  I honestly wasn’t trying to poke the bear or anything with the message but I thought it is was really disrespectful to me to have only a few minutes to speak with my children.  We barely had enough time to exchange pleasantries.  From there the messaging only got worse.

She said I was a “piece of work” and that our conversations are always one-sided and I don’t allow her a chance to explain.  She had plenty of time to explain…she just choose not to.  I told her the same could be said about our marriage where she just upped and left and didn’t give me the chance to explain anything.  She continued with a series of harassing messages when I finally told her to stop.  I really wasn’t in the mood to get lured into a heated battle.  And then the jackpot hit…

She had the nerve to question my children about my activities while they were here for Christmas.  Heaven forbid I had my friend come over and watch my kids so that I could run a business errand.  Apparently my daughter told her that I was kissing this woman and apparently my youngest confirmed it.  If I told my children the sky was orange they would believe it.  They will tell you anything you would want to hear just to have attention.  I didn’t humor her with a response but I know I didn’t do anything wrong and I’ve already explained to her who she was in the past.  About an hour after she finally stopped with the constant barrage of text messaging, she admitted that she was wrong and that my oldest was lying because her mom was the one asking questions not her.  I believe she just said that to save face from the fact that she has no evidence of any wrong doing on my part and I have tons on her.  Whatever the case, I guess I should accept the fact she said “sorry.”

In the end, I believe she was just trying to justify her own actions by making accusations about me to see if I would admit to anything.  Kind of hard to do when you’ve done nothing wrong.  If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black…I don’t know what is.