This morning I spoke to my children which is a rarity to talk to them so early on a Saturday morning.  Usually my wife is off with her “new” man late Friday only to return sometime Saturday evening to accommodate my request to speak with my children.  This time I made it a point to speak with my children early so I didn’t get the usual “I’m too tired to talk with you dad” lecture I got during the week.  Plus I had errands to run in the afternoon.

Truly wonderful the mind of child.  My youngest, not so easily brained washed by her mother, likes to spill the beans when I ask her about her day.  For the second time now, I’ve heard her say “other daddy’s house” when she is describing what she has done the last couple days.  “Other daddy” was a term my step-children used when talking about their dad.  Since I was basically around them their entire lives, they just grew accustomed to calling me dad since their father was pretty much out of the picture until they were old enough to understand what was going on.

So obviously this pissed me off a tad.  So when I questioned my wife about it…she instantly “called” me to discuss it.  I framed “called” because she never calls me.  The only time she calls me is when she wants something from me (usually money) or to prove how I’m wrong even though she doesn’t know that I already know she’s lying before she even calls.  She tried to explain to me that what I heard was “my daddy’s house” and the fact that we were talking through Skype and I was in a different state it sounded different.  Well, let’s just say I agreed to disagree with her which made her go on the defensive.  She tried many excuses on me which made her look even more foolish as she continued to speak such as saying that my oldest knows better not to say that.  Well hell…why would my oldest say that anyways unless it’s already being done?  If you remember back to some of my early posts, you would know my wife corrupts my oldest to not speak to me about things that go on back home.  I eventually just told her “you heard what you heard and I heard what I heard” and we left it at that and I hung up.  I wasn’t about to get pulled into her game.

It would be nice to go one time/day/week when speaking with my children that my wife didn’t have to sit there and monitor their calls like they are some kind of telemarketer afraid they might make the mistake and lose their job because they told me something I already know.  Seriously…why continue to lie and hide something when it’s already known to the masses on what you’re are doing.