This evening was an emotional roller coaster.  After talking to me daughters, I once again noticed my wife wearing an engagement ring on her finger.  My heart is heavy as to think how poorly of me she thought of us and our marriage that she could easily move on.  13 days removed from the anniversary of her leaving me and I couldn’t harbor the feelings I’ve learned to repress any longer.  I had to let her know I how I felt about everything.  I poured my heart out.  I held nothing back.  She needed to know how I felt about her.

I loved and always will love her….no matter what.  I honestly gave my best in this marriage.  Was I perfect…absolutely not!  No marriage is perfect…and if you think it is…you’re wrong.

Nothing I say will ever change anything.  I will eventually expect that.  But it will take time.  Some do it quicker than others, but I do owe it my daughters to move on and provide them the life they deserve.

I don’t expect she will say anything to everything I type out to her except the usual “I don’t know what to say,” because that’s all I got.  It’s a statement she has told me many times that I become very accustomed to over the last couple years when anytime we would argue.  Obviously this is not the answer I want to hear but it’s better than silence even though the conversation has not continued at the time of this writing.

I will move on…trust me when I say I will.  I always have.