A New Year is here and all is quiet.  A little too quiet especially after everything I’ve been through the last few months.  Surprisingly I haven’t heard anything from my wife in a few days.  Usually she is blowing up my text messenger with requests to send money.  Sorry, that was not going to happen unless I’m told to.  I’m sticking to my guns on this one.  Since she had failed to follow simple requests from me to provide proof she was actually spending money on the kids rather than herself, I was not sending her a dime or a penny.  There was no way in hell I was going to continue funding her little sabbaticals with her new man.  That was his responsibility now…not mine.  The quietness didn’t last long as she eventually did request money from me.  It wasn’t for food this time but for clothes.  Simple enough right.  I told her to tell what they needed and I would buy them.  Of course she didn’t like that request but gave in.  Like I said before…no money for you.  However, she tried to give me the lecture that I was required by law to give her child support to which I stated “show me the decree that states that and I will.”  I think the fact that she took $10K and sold her $12K engagement ring wasn’t good enough to last her over.  Oh well, not my concern anymore.  It was time for her to learn some responsibility of managing her money better or learn to spend someone else’s because it certainly wasn’t going to be mine.

After the holidays where all settled down and everyone finally returned to work, our court date for divorce was finally set in February.  Reality was finally setting in as the end-game to this battle was soon to be over…at least between her and I.

The war, however, was far from being over….