With Christmas on the horizon, my wife and I had agreed that the kids could come home and stay with me for a couple weeks.  Just to get her to agree to that took more or less an act of Congress.  She kept giving me every excuse in the book on why they shouldn’t come such as “she didn’t trust me.”  Trust me?  Trust me with what?  Raising my children?  Maybe she should take a look in the mirror and discuss trust with that person looking back before giving me trust statement.  And of course she told she couldn’t and would not pay for the kids to come see me.  No worries.  I had this covered and been planning on the fact she would use some excuse why she could not pay.  Regardless if she payed or not, she was going to pay for it in the long run as it went on the credit card that she will be responsible for once the divorce is final.  On top of making me pay for everything, one major thing she wanted if she was going to bring the kids to me was that she “had” to be back the same day.  Ugh…ok…I’ll ensure you are back the same day.  Anything else?  For f*** sakes…I’ve done so much for this woman in my life and she’s still making demands even though we are not together anymore.  You would think she would have the control in this situation considering she has bent over backwards to try and gain custody over them.

I was so excited to see my children.  I had just returned from school and was just getting settled in back at work when I decided it was necessary to separate all three AC ligaments in my shoulder playing football.  I didn’t care that I injured myself even though it was one of the one worst and painful injuries I’ve ever experienced in my life, I was more concerned that I was potentially missing out on seeing my children because of it.  I texted my wife about my injury but of course she seemed uninterested.  I really didn’t expect her to take pity on me.  It was just a matter of fact on letting her know I was injured and the next two weeks was going to be challenging.

When the day came to when my children where to arrive, of course everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  I was being bombarded with text messages from my wife about how they were delayed and how she was going to be pissed because she was going to miss her connecting flight, and how she would have to spend the night where I was, and blah blah blah blah.  Heaven forbid, I delay your trip back to Tucson your over indulgent self-interest.  Me, being the nice guy that I am, went to the airport a couple hours before they were supposed to arrive and started to work my magic.  Luckily, they plane they were arriving on was the same plane that she would return on.  So as it turned out it was no big deal.  I did, however, manage to convince the airlines to give me a pass to the boarding area to greet my children and also had them give me her boarding passes so that she did not have leave the area.  As they arrived, I could see my children coming down the jet way with a smile on their face from ear-to-ear.  I could say the same about me.  If I recall, my face was cramping because of all the smiling.  It had been a 10 months since I last seen them in person and I was the happiest man on the planet at that point.  As expected, I barely got a “thank you” from her from working out the logistical support I gave her.  Oh well, I had my girls in my arms!

My girls were super excited to be back home.  Question after question on what we do and see poured out of their mouths.  I barely could keep up with everything they were saying.  It felt like I was in a dream that they were actually in my truck driving home with me.  As they continued to fill me in on their trip, we grabbed some McDonald’s (or Mickie D’s as I call it…which they laughed every time I said it) and headed home.  We had dinner; I gave them baths and put them to bed.  For once in almost a year…I felt at peace with my life.  The two most beautiful gifts ever given to me were a mere few feet from at any given time and I couldn’t and wouldn’t ask for anything else in the world to change that.

I was truly happy.