One of my biggest frustrations with the court system is that everything moves on a snail’s pace.  Whatever happened to quick and fair justice?  We finally got our day in court in November to discuss why she was preventing me from talking to the children.  At this point, I’ve already spoken to my children several times now considering she knew she was in trouble.  I was away at school so I had to telecon into the hearing.  As the hearing begun, the Judge started addressing other issues such as our custody agreement.  Once again, I was confused why we were discussing custody issues when this was supposed to be about establishing the order to enforce her to allow me to talk to my children and have her answer why she thought she could disregard the preliminary injunction set on her by the court not to take the children out of the state.  The Judge did commend me on taking the required “Children First” training that was required of her and me.  Apparently she had taken the old out dated course but none-the-less still got credit for taking it.  So I guess I had that going for me.  As my lawyer discussed the facts with Judge, the Judge turned his attention to my wife where it became a pointed conversation about her lack of respect for laws and regulations that she signed and agreed to obey.  She admitted to not reading the preliminary injunction to which the Judge stated “how can you miss it, it’s right here on the first page in bold.”  She would later admit to taking the children out of state to attend the Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico with a “friend.”  The funny thing here is that the week she was in New Mexico was the week the children where on spring break.  The Hot Air Balloon Festival was actually the week prior to spring break.  Seriously…if you are going to lie…at least get your facts straight.

As the hearing continued…it became more and more a pointed conversation about her.  The Judge reminded her that if she continued down the path she was going, he would wield all the power he possessed in his gavel and make sure I got what I wanted but stopped short of punishing her for breaking the rules.   My lawyer insisted that she faced some kind of retribution for me having to go through what I had to go through.  The Judge eventually agreed after repeated attempts by my lawyer but the Judge ultimately left it up to me to determine what I wanted.  After a brief recess with my lawyer, I convinced my lawyer to abandon it as long as the point was made that I was not joking around about the this situation.  Once the hearing resumed, my lawyer briefed the Judge on my decision to which he admonished both us and reminded us that this is all about the children and we should put our self-interests behind us.  Now this pissed me off a little bit.  Why was I being admonished?  What did I do that was wrong?  I am or I thought I was doing what was in the best interest of my children.  I’m ensuring they are not being put in situation where their mother could be fined or arrested for the not following simple instructions.  I’m not the one running around with another “love interest” to fulfill my needs in front of my children.  In the end…this was simply a waste of my time.

About a week later, when I was asking to speak with my children, I told my wife she should thank me for not pursing any punishment against her for taking the children out of the state.  And wouldn’t you know it…she tells me “what punishment…I didn’t do anything wrong.”