Part of our preliminary injunction set by the court to both of us was not to take the kids out of the state for any reason unless approved by the court and/or unless we had a signed mutual agreement.  Sometime in October, she and I got into an argument, which if I remember right it was about me not giving her money and telling me that if I wanted to talk to the kids, it needed to be soon because they were not going to be able to talk to me later tonight (it was 0700 in the morning her time by the way).  I have/had asked her to provide my receipts for any food or clothes she purchased with the money I gave her to verify she was actually using the money for the kids and not herself.  I told her that I would like to talk to kids later in the evening because I was already out and about for the day accomplishing errands (0900 my time).  The kids and I usually spoke on Skype because the quality was better and I could understand what they were saying as opposed to them talking on the cell phone.  She told me that wasn’t possible and if I wanted to talk, it “had” to be now and I needed to call her dad’s phone.  Wait a minute…what?  What the hell is she doing out that early in the morning during spring break?  So I asked her (not that it was any of my business) what she was doing so damn early in the morning and why I couldn’t talk to my kids the way I requested.  Of course I got the usual answer that she didn’t have to explain herself (fair enough) and continued to persist that I call her dad’s phone.  I told her no and I would talk to them at the usual time later that evening.  A few minutes later…my phone rang.  It was my kids calling from her dad’s phone.

There is nothing like hearing your kids voice to make all your problems go away, unfortunately, I knew something was up because the kids where being rushed off the phone as I can hear my wife telling the kids to hurry up.  So our conversation lasted only about a few minutes.  I sent her message asking her what that was all about and she stated that “it was none of my business.”  She once again asked for money and I told her no because she was refusing to do what I requested of her to do to which she stated with “well good luck seeing your kids again then.”  Obviously that did not sit well with me but I let it go.  The next day I sent her a message asking if I could Skype with the kids the next day.  I got no response.  A couple hours later, I asked once again and still got no response.  Hmmmm.  I should back up here and tell you that a few days before this conversation; I gave her $400 to buy new tires for her vehicle.  Heaven forbid she was driving around on bald tires which were no fault of her own because she was the one that decided she needed to make cross-country trips away from me every time the going got tough.  Back to the story.  Since she was not answering me, I decided to contact her dad to see if I could talk to my children since this is what she originally requested in the first place.  I get a message back from him stating that he was in Maryland and that he took her phone away because she couldn’t pay the bill.  I told him that was interesting and thanked him for responding.  The next message I got from him was “so I do not have to put up with your shit.  I do not like your snide remarks so I have blocked you from all of the phones I have on my account and you can just use the good ole US POSTAL SYSTEM.  To cooraspond (sic) with who ever you please.  It does not pay to be an ass hole.”  I asked him what was snide about my remark but he did not answer.  I guess a snide remark would of been to tell him that he did not have a good grasp of the English language.

Since I was not getting anywhere reaching her parents or my wife, I decided to call the Sheriff’s Department to conduct a “wellness check” to ensure everything was alright.  The first (noticed I said first) Sheriff that responded told me that it appeared no one was home and that the mail hasn’t been checked in weeks.  The next day, I had another check conducted.  This time her parents answered the door.  Wait a minute…wasn’t her dad away in Maryland for training?  This is getting interesting.  So the 2nd Sherriff calls me back and tells me the children are fine.  I asked him if he actually saw my children to which he stated “no, but the grandparents told me they were ok.”  WTF!??!  I’m asking for a wellness check on my children…not a conversation with her parents.  I told him that was not the intent of the visit and I request he make actual eyes on contact.  He told me he had no reason to not believe them.  So I said “ok…well I’ll be calling again tomorrow and every other day until someone actually sees my children.”  Holding true to my word, I called again the next day.  Guess what Sherriff responded?  The 2nd one again.  Damn.  So he calls me asks “why should I respond back to house.”  Hmmm…I don’t know…maybe because it’s your job to serve and protect.  He asked me if I had any new information that could possibly help him get any information from her parents.  Since I failed to tell him the first time, I let him know that she made an off-handed threat when she said “good luck seeing your kids again then.”  With that information, he proceeded up to the house where her parents once again greeted him at the door.  He insisted to see the children, but her parents continued to say the children where ok but eventually dimed her out saying she was in New Mexico with them.  Bam!!!  Thanks dumbasses for selling out your own daughter.  I should also mention that they also told the Sherriff that they were unaware that their daughter was not allowing the children to talk to me.  Bullshit!  One…you knew she was in New Mexico.  Two…you knew that I already sent a Sheriff twice over to the house before so I’m sure you told her what was going on.  Three…weren’t you supposed to be in Maryland.  And four, you knew what was going on when you shut her cell phone off supposedly.

A couple hours later I received a phone call from her (thought the phone was turned off….) from a different number.  It was apparent all her father did was change the number on the phone…not actually turn it off.  I spoke to my children for about 10 minutes and for about 9 of those minutes I could hear my wife coaching the children along as if not to let them tell me where they were.  Umm I already knew…no point on hiding.  She was more worried about hiding “who” she was with which I already knew that as well.

At this point it really didn’t matter; I had the information I needed.  I called my lawyer the next day and filed for temporary orders.

Now I played the waiting game for our temporary orders hearing to begin….