Sometime around the 3rd week of February, I returned home from work and noticed I had a “certified mail” green sticky on my door.  I only assumed it was the divorce paperwork considering I had not ordered anything that would require me signing for it.  I sent her text asking if I should be “expecting anything” and she had the gall to say “not that I know of.”  So I went online and checked the public court records and lo and behold there it was a motion to file for divorce.  I texted her back and ask if she really wanted to peruse this considering she was not even giving me a chance to at least try and change whatever the reason on why she left me in the first place.  To this very day she still has not given me a reason.  I pleaded with her to try and let’s work this out or at least let’s try and do it for the children, but she was not listening.

So after a few weeks of talking and discussing a way forward in her returning with the children, she agreed that she would come home and work on the marriage.  We worked out an agreement that she would stay until June once the kids were out of school and the return home.  Meanwhile, I would seek counseling to deal with any issues that I thought I might have regarding our marriage or at the very least how she saw it.

As March rolled in April and April rolled into May, things where seemingly well.  For her birthday, I gave her some money to fix a tattoo she had in order to make it more vibrant.  Wasn’t a cheap tattoo, but I knew it would make her happy.  I continued to funnel her money to increase her and the kids quality of life ensure there where comfortable throughout the rest of their duration at her parents’ house.  I sent her easily upwards in $1K – $2K dollars range every month.  She would continuously tell me about the terrible time she was having where she was at, and that she was not receiving any support from her parents.  Her parents would always ask for rent money and tell her she was responsible for parts of different bills.  Of course, she would ask me for the money to keep them happy, which I happily supplied, to keep the wolf parents away.

As the end of May rolled in, something dramatically changed with her.  She was talking to me less and less and was “constantly” busy….even at 9 at night.  Being married to this woman for 7 years, she was never busy at 9 at night unless it was “mommy daddy time.”  Ever get that sick feeling in your stomach you know something else is going on?  Well that was happening to me.  I knew something else was up and I was going to find out.  Since her cell phone was actually my cell phone I gave her before we even married, I had access to the phone records.  Once I opened my account, there I noticed she had been talking to an individual for a couple weeks, various times throughout the day…even at 3 a.m.  I counted how many text messages where exchanged and the final number was 574 messages.  So I asked her about it.  I asked her who have you been texting 574 times in the last few weeks at various hours of the day.  Her response…“I don’t know, it wasn’t me.”  My response was “Really?  Because it’s your phone and phones usually don’t send 574 messages to the same number and get replies back.”  Once she knew, I knew, that she was talking to someone else; she immediately stopped using that phone.  So I was curious, I tried calling the number she was texting.  No response.  So I tried using a different number.  Still no response.  I wasn’t surprised.  I’m sure she told whoever it was that I knew and they proceeded to use alternate communications.

So on June 3rd, I receive a phone call from her in the latter part of the day telling me she was not coming back.  I asked her why and she gave me the excuse that her health would not be able to take it.  I told her I was unhappy to hear that and was there anything I could do to change her mind.  ***Note*** During the last couple weeks, I was trying to get her enrolled into a “care plan” from the military to help her get the help that she needed to deal with her health.  If the help was unsuccessful, the military would have moved us to a location where she could have received the necessary care that she needed.***  Not buying her excuse this time around, considering the text message fiasco, I logged onto the public courts records online and found that she had filed for divorce once again.

Oh geeze…here we go again