1 February 2016 started as any other day.  I got out of bed after my wife as I usually do every morning.  She always got up early to ensure she had a nice warm shower and some peace and quiet to herself before the kids awaken.

Nothing seemed amiss to what this day would hold in store for me.  The normal routine was in full effect. After I was done getting ready, I went down stairs and had some small chit chat with the kids, kissed the wife and kids good bye, and left for the day.  Little did I know it would be my last kiss I would give them for almost a year.  During my time at work that, I would casually text my wife to see how things were going and remind her “Parents Night Out” was coming up so that she would go and sign the kids up for some free babysitting.  “Parents Night Out” is free child care put on by the base I was stationed at so that parents where able to go out and spend some time together.  Usually for about 5 hours.  She texted me back and said she would do it after our youngest woke up from a nap.  We continued to text throughout the day without any hint of that she had already skipped town with the kids.  After work, I went to the gym like usually did.  When I was I was driving home, I noticed her van was not in the usual spot to pick the kids from school.  This wasn’t really a big deal because she usually only parked in 2 spots in and around the school so I assumed she must have parked in the other location that day or she already picked the kids up and was home.  By the time I did get home, her van was not there so I automatically assumed she did park in the other location.  As I entered our house, I knew immediately she was gone.  Her laptop was gone, all the medication in the cabinet was missing, and the children’s clothes where cleaned out of their dressers.  Remembering what she did time she left, I checked my bank account online.  Once again she cleaned me out.

As I made repeated attempts to contact her, she did not answer.  Again I called the Sheriff’s Department to assist me because I was more worried about her and kids driving through the impending snow storm that was coming then the fact she left me.  As the Sheriff played 50 questions with me (by the way…it was the same Sheriff that responded a year ago), she finally responded with a text message saying she was in Missouri.  Once I made that comment to the Sheriff, he told “Well you now know where she is…so this matter is closed.”  He proceeded to get in his car and leave.  Really!?!?!?  My kids have just been taken without my consent and that’s all you have to say?  Of course I begged and pleaded with her for to come home and work this out.  Everything I told her fell on deaf ears.  Once again…I was crushed.

There is nothing in this world that destroys a parent’s heart worse than not knowing where their children are and if they are ok.  I was devastated.  I loathed my wife beyond reason.  What did I do that was sooooo horrible that she would just up and leave again without at the very least discussing any issues she was having.

I was played a puppet….and the real story was about to unfold….