So in August of 2014, we transferred to Nebraska.  To say the least, this was the real beginning of our problems.  I needed to move for career progression, she wanted to stay in Arizona to be close to home.  Anyone knows that being in the military sacrifices must be made in order to make a marriage work.  She obviously was not happy about the move.  Her biggest worry was tornadoes.  Had to reassure her many times that tornadoes are rare where we are going to live and that should be the least of her concerns.

Everything was going well…or it would seem.  By November, she was gone.  I got up that morning and went through my normal routine.  She was already up getting the kids prepared for school.  I usually don’t have much time in the morning to help out, but I always made sure to kiss her and the kid’s goodbye before I left.  A couple hours into my work day, I had some free time to pay some bills since it was the middle of the month.  As I logged into my bank account online, I noticed right away I was missing a huge chuck of money from my checking account.  $10K dollars to be exact.  Naturally, I was like WTF!!!  Unfortunately online, it would not tell me where this money went….just that it was transferred.  Just a few months ago, I have given my wife access to her own debit card that was able to draw funds from my account to go shopping and other things to keep the household going.  I also noticed that roughly $100 dollars was spent at the post office as well.

When I tried calling my wife to see if she knew what was going on, I got no answer.  My mind started racing.  I had no idea what was going.  Worst case scenarios where running rampant in my brain of what might have happen.  Was she kidnapped?  Are my kids ok?  I immediately left work and headed home.  Once I got home I knew right away the jig was up.  All of her and the kids’ stuff were gone.  I drove to their school to see if they knew anything.  The inept staff at the school told me that she dis-enrolled them that morning and said we were moving.  I was like “hello, we just got here two months ago what makes you think we were moving?”  I congratulated them for assisting my wife in kidnapping my children, which obviously raised the suspicion of the Principal who was just sitting there like a goon until I said “kidnapped.”

I quickly left and headed to the bank.  Once I got to the bank, I asked them if they thought it was suspicious that someone was transferring $10K dollars from a checking account to another.  Of course, they were like “yea, but she was authorized to do it.”  Well no shit she was, but this same bank would call me four days before a bill was due just to remind me.  They couldn’t give me the same courtesy to let me know a large amount of money was being removed?

By the time I made it back home, the cops were waiting for me.  Apparently I became the town’s hottest case because I said the word “kidnapped” inside of a school.  When I explained everything going to the Sheriff, he explained there was nothing they could do.  “Excuse me…what?”  “Nothing you can do?”  Are you fucking kidding me?  How about national kidnapping charge for one!!  She took my children out of state without my permission regardless if she was my wife.

It took a few hours but she finally returned my phone call.  She didn’t tell me where she was but I knew she was in Colorado based of a phone tag I got.  She said she had enough of Nebraska (3 months I remind you) and that the weather was making her sick.  I pleaded and begged for her to come back but she was not having it.  I desperately wanted to see my kids.  It was not fair to them to be uprooted and taken away.  I feared this would be the last I would see them.  I feared the kiss I gave them this morning would be the last kiss I would ever give.  I was scared and afraid for them.  My mind and heart where destroyed the day.  I think I slept 15 minutes that night.

After 2 months of talking with my wife, we finally came to an agreement of what needed to be done for her to come back.  She was not happy in Arizona and things where not going as she planned.  She came back January 2015 and things started to improve.  I was happy to have my family back together.