We were on shaky ground here and there but it seemed we always worked out whatever issues we had.  Little did I know, she was bashing me left and right on social media with her fake Facebook account she created so she could chat with her “friends.”  I never kept tabs on her, nor should I have too because I’ve always trusted her.  “Trust.”  What any interesting concept that is.  If you are in love with someone, you should always trust the person you are with.  What’s the point of being with someone if the trust is not there?  But I digress…

As the months went on in the year; things seemed on the up-and-up (stealing the Target brand on that one).  The kids where doing great in school and she and I seemed to find time to break away and enjoy “married couple” things that we really never got the chance to do in our courtship and marriage.  It was like we found some kind of new “love affair” we both desperately needed.  That year my parents paid a visit for Thanksgiving.  This is where everything started to unravel.  My mom would tell me when she was not around how much she would bash me about everything such as:  money, dealing with the kids, and treating her.  I was shocked.  She had never once approached me to talk about any issues.  Apparently she was holding it all inside and unleashed it on my mother seeing if she could correct my behavior.  Obviously my mother being a mom would give a stern talking as if I was still in High School but I reassured her that this was all a surprise to me.

When actual Thanksgiving rolled around, it was a very trying time.  I was walking on pins and needles when it came to everything.  Having my entire family was around for the first time in many years was giving me anxiety.  During dinner, I could tell she was not very comfortable.  Understandably because I know my family is little fun going…especially when alcohol is involved.  I asked her if she was O.K. to which she stated she wanted to leave.  I respected her wishes and we left.  No big deal.  We already ate and the kids where tired and it was past their bed time anyways.  So we used the excuse the kids were tired in order to leave the dinner party early.  Kids can be a great way to excuse yourself from pretty much any situation.

Thanksgiving came and went and next on the list was Christmas.  This would be my first Christmas in two years as she was gone the last time.  I was ecstatic to celebrate Christmas with the kids.  It was awesome seeing their little minds race every time I would explain how Santa would bring presents and explained the other aspects of Christmas.  My whole goal was to keep that somewhat little of that Christmas magic alive in their hearts before they found out that Santa was not real.   My wife was totally against this.  She had already told her kids (my step-children) that Santa was not real.  So anytime I would talk about it, they would give two shits about it unless it was about what toys they were getting.  It didn’t matter how much I tried to convince them otherwise, they just didn’t want to play along.

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, I started to notice a large amount of packages being sent to our house from her mother.  I was confused on why we were receiving so many packages from her family as this was very unusual.  Either way, it was looking like the kids where in store for an awesome Christmas.  Just as I expected…the kids received an extraordinary amount of presents.  Far more than what I was expecting.  Since I left the Christmas shopping up to her, I wasn’t sure what she had purchased over the last few months.  However, the amount they got…was…well more than any kid should have or need.

Also around this time as well, I started receiving phone calls from a well-known company about why I was not paying my bill on their credit line.  I told this company I was unaware of any such bill because I have never open a credit line with them and nor would I ever considering they had at 19.99% interest rate.  They tried verifying information with me and everything they had on file was wrong except for my name and phone number.  I asked my wife if she knew anything about it and she said no.  I guess I should back up here and let you know that she had once before opened a credit line in my name unbeknownst to me earlier in our marriage.  When she left me the first time, she admitted on her return that she had unpaid debt that needed to be taken care of.  I agreed to pay it off.  Little did I know that credit line was also in my name.  So you can imagine I was a little bit weary that she was once again doing it again.

***Side note*** I failed to mention earlier…one thing she wanted once she returned was access back to my bank account again.  Considering she strip me of $10K dollars the first time around, I was not about to endure that struggle again.  However, I broke down and agreed I would put her on my account.  She was so constantly on my case by not giving her access that I finally broke down and gave in.  Since everything was going seemingly well, I figured she would not do it again considering she played the “trust” card on me.  Boy was I wrong.  I’ll explain more later in a different blog as this would become her M.O.

So over the next couple weeks, things around the house seemed off.  I think she knew, that I knew, that I figured out that she had opened another account under my name.  I would occasionally still receive phone calls from the same company about the bill but I had to reassure that company it was not me.

Enter the New Year…

Entering 2016 seemed like any other year.  Once again I spent New Year’s Eve the only one awake as I have for the past few years.  It was my tradition to stay up and usher in the New Year.  Even though her and the kids where asleep, I made it a habit to kiss them on the forehead and pray for a successful year for all of us.  We continued to have our spats here and there about various things but nothing you would need to call home about.  The one thing I remember the most we argued about was my driving.  In that first month of the New Year she was her arguing with me, after returning from the local zoo, about how bad my driving was because I wouldn’t turn on my turn signal.  I told her if she was unhappy about my driving ability, she was more than welcome to drive the next time.  Apparently that was the straw the broke the camel’s back for her.

By the 1st of February…she was gone…