So after a few years of marriage things were going well.  About as good as expected.  We both welcomed two more beautiful children into our family.  The military life was treating my family well as we settled in Arizona.  I even managed to get a deployment underneath my belt.  Soon after I return, I could tell things weren’t not the same.  Maybe it was my paranoid side, but I always had a knack of knowing when something was up.  However, life continued on.  No big issues expect for the over expenditure of money.

The expenditure of money was the only issue I ever had with my wife.  She would spend WAY beyond her means or should I say our means.  Single income family supporting 6 mouths was very challenging.

No matter how much I would explain to her that her spending habits were detrimental in the long run…she just didn’t get it.

Over and over…she would spend money on the most worthless stuff no one would ever need.  I could sit here and type out everything she bought over the years, but I think I would still be here typing after 13675+ years later.

I just didn’t understand how someone could spend that much money and not even blink an eye.  As I would continuously bring it up…it started to drive the wedge between us.

The funny thing is…she would complain about her last marriage that her husband would constantly spend money without regard to the basic necessities of life.  “We don’t need milk for our newborn”  “we need new 22” inch rims for my jeep.”  So that why it boggled my mind when she thought it was necessary to buy these antique pieces of “crap” (because it was) instead of buying new clothes for our kids.

Hell…I would feel guilty anytime I would buy a $.50 soda at work.

To her…I was an “ATM” machine.