I suppose I should start from the beginning…this would be the point I connect with you…my audience and relate my experiences.  So here we go…..

Back in the summer of 2009, I married into an “instant family” as they would call it as I gained two young children to call and love as my own.

I had a lot to learn, to say the least, on how to be an “instant” parent.  I can honestly say I was not prepared…not even close.

Obviously times where tough.  Lessons on how to be a parent were being learned on a daily basis.  My days of being a bachelor were obviously over.  No more clubbing…no more gamming…no more staying up past midnight doing whatever.  0600 came pretty quick.

But…I didn’t care…I was in love…head over heels in love.  I knew I needed to put away my childish ways and become a “true” man for the one I love.

As I’m sure when you all read this you would agree that once you’re truly in “love” with someone.  Making sacrifices should come easy.


There was no time for me and my spouse to grow in our relationship.  After 10 months of dating with 5 months of living together, we both hit the ground running with me playing catch-up every step of the way.