To say I’m scorned would be an understatement.  First let me say, I love my wife (soon to be ex-wife at the time of this writing).  I’ve never stopped loving her.  However, her actions over the course of last year into the new year has made me resent her actions pertaining to my children and her lack of respect to our so-called marriage.

I started this blog to be an outlet for all the husbands, fathers, and all-around great guys that truly loved the ones they where with but where ultimately crushed in the end for whatever reason.  I’m sharing my story and the lessons I’ve learned along the way to hopefully inspire and or relate to those who face or have faced similar situations.

I’m not here to bash, destroy, or belittle anyone.  It’s to simply paint the picture for those to understand the heartache I had to endure and hopeful help those gain solace through the process of separation and divorce.